Google, Facebook and Apple have dedicated massive budgets to building virtual and augmented reality hardware and software. Yet, there is very little understanding in Financial Services how such platform shifts will impact the products of industry participants.

In this document, we solve this $200 billion question by analyzing an emerging new market opportunity for “Mixed Commerce”, which we define as the intersection of the payments industry, commercial activity and mixed reality.

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Key Takeaways

  • Mixed reality hardware, software and venture investment has been catalysed by the large tech firms over the last several years, but little understanding has been developed by the financial services industry on how this theme will intersect with its products.

  • We predict a coming shift in consumer behaviour that integrates digital objects into everyday life, with a variety of implementation possibilities. Such shifts had happened with the Internet and the mobile smartphone, and we see analogies from the impact of those platforms to human commerce.

  • Thus we grapple with the concept of commerce that arises from this platform shift, and see the Payments industry as the first financial services chassis to meaningfully experience transformation as a result, conceding that this projection is similar to predicting PayPal in 1990 or the iOS App-store and Apple Pay in the year 2000.

  • To fully wrap around the issue, we walk through payments industry developments to date, which teach us about a constantly growing frontier in technology and reach. We also look at geographic factors, which are a key driver for how local infrastructure intersects with consumer demand and customs.

  • Finally, we provide a rich set of directional examples, a unified framework, market sizing and geographic ranking for where we see the most likely progress to Mixed/Augmented Commerce.

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