The four waves of innovation within crypto themes


Autonomous NEXT has identified the four key waves of innovation within crypto themes starting with: (1) Bitcoin, (2) Enterprise Blockchain, (3) Decentralised Apps, and (4) Smart Securities.

Firstly, Bitcoin in 2008 exemplified the first decentralised and secure digital store of value from 2008, potentially disrupting $7-100 trillion in the global macro trade. Enterprise Blockchain in 2014 allowed for private consortia within industries to take advantage of the efficiencies of the blockchain whilst retaining necessary elements of privacy, impacting $500 billion of costs in financial services alone. Decentralized Applications commercialised blockchains further by allowing for entrepreneurs to build digital products and services (ICOs) harnessing the security and efficiencies of the blockchain. Finally, Smart Securities launched in 2018 enabling for further institutionalization and tokenization of the crypto space, spreading the overall impact to all asset classes valued at $500 trillion.