In this report, we have leveraged lessons from industries already experiencing Digitization, predicting shrinking traditional revenue pools and a value shift to digital channels resulting from Roboadvice and Blockchain. We also share a proprietary unifying framework to understand and parse our covered Fintech themes, which include roboadvice, blockchain, artificial intelligence, chatbots, neobanks, insurtech and virtual reality, addressing $6.5 trillion of financial sector revenue.

Key Findings 

  • The investment management industry could experience a $44 billion headwind from regulation and pricing pressure. However, digital wealth management will grow to revenue pools of $1 billion by 2020 and $4.5 billion by 2030.

  • As a result of distributed ledgers, revenues across cross-border payments, capital markets and title insurance are projected to decrease by $200 billion.  However, adopters will be able to capture blockchain-related revenues of $6 and $20 billion by 2020 and 2030 respectively.

  • Overall, $6.5 trillion of global financial services revenues will be exposed to digitization, a trend funded by nearly $18 billion of private investment in 2016.

Table of Contents

About Autonomous Research

Autonomous NEXT Framework

  • The story of digitization is not new
  • Other industries have already been disrupted and reimagined
  • Fintech is a symptom of a secular, permanent shift
  • Quantitative comparisons to revenue pool changes in music, media and retail
  • Qualitative assessments of Fintech themes along maturity curve

Autonomous NEXT framework for understanding digitization

Roboadvisors and Digital Wealth Management

  • General market dynamics, including industry sizing for wealth and investment management
  • Overview of history of innovation, and the 4th stage of Digital Wealth Management
  • Industry map segmenting roboadvisor companies by B2B, B2C and B2B2C, including insitutional backers
  • Venture capital funding into the space by total funding and number of deals
  • Impact on industry and pricing for asset management product and technology
  • Revenue opportunity for incumbents and startups

Sizing of Investment Management market

Distributed Ledgers and Cryptocurrency

  • Overview of the evolution of cryptocurrency technology from digital value to world computer
  • Sizing of impacted B2C and B2B Global Payments,  Capital Markets and Title Insurance revenue pools
  • Industry map segmenting companies across public and private blockchains, including links through consortia and industry
  • Venture capital funding for blockchain and bitcoin companies
  • Overview of Initial Coin Offerings on public blockchains and potential for growth
  • Quantified industry impact on B2C and B2B Global Payments, Capital Markets and Title Insurance
  • Revenue opportunity for incumbents and startups

Venture capital funding for companies involved in blockchain and bitcoin

Research Path

  • Our fintech research plan is to assess impact of each core theme across industries, addressing over $6 trillion of revenue

Research path for understanding and quantifying all components of Fintech

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