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Crypto Fund List Segmentation

Our latest estimate of the number of crypto funds is 175, with $3 - 4 billion in assets under management.


Our database of crypto funds is segmented into the following strategies: (1) liquid venture investing in tokens, (2) cryptocurrency traders and former hedge fund managers, (3) artificially intelligent or automated bot funds, (4) funds of funds in a fairly traditional approach, (5) token baskets, usually raising money through their own tokens to invest in other crypto assets, and (6) passive crypto-indexes. 

For now, we exclude investment vehicles built by traditional asset managers that package exposure to a single currency, such as the Bitcoin Investment Trust from DGC/Grayscale, or derivative exchanges like LedgerX or CME.  

Top 25 Crypto Funds to Know

We highlight below some of the largest and well-known entities pursuing investment opportunities in the Crypto space currently. 


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