This 48 page keystone deck explores the coming year in Fintech and Crypto by developing measurable and trackable predictions across our 13 core themes. These are (1) Blockchain For Enterprise, (2) Bitcoin & Initial Coin Offerings, (3) Artificial Intelligence, (4) Chatbots & Voice, (5) Robo-advisors, (6) Insurtech, (7) Neobanks & Digital Lending, (8) Financial APIs & Banks-as-a-service, (9) Payments, (10) Regtech & Crowdfunding, (11) Attention Economy & Millennials, (12) Mixed Reality and (13) Internet of Things.

We also review our views on the prior year, and assess how well our thoughts fared in reality. A great resource for anyone catching up on all of 2018, as well as understanding what is becoming important in financial services in the near future.

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2019 Predictions

We highlight 3 top themes below. The full deck contains further dedicated pages on each theme with specific expected developments.


2018 In Review

We look at 2018 predictions to understand what we got right, what we got wrong, and why. Below is an example of 1 of 3 assessed top themes.


Table of Contents:

  • Themes in Focus

  • 2019 Predictions

  • 2018 Key Predictions in Review

  • 2018 Detailed Industry Predictions in Review

  • About Autonomous NEXT

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Financial service companies are transitioning from human driven revenue models to information technology driven revenue models. As part of our ongoing focus on this transition, and the core technology themes being expressed in finance, we have established Autonomous NEXT. The products and services are designed specifically for financial firms looking for strategic insight into the pace and path of the core themes shaping the financial services ecosystem.

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