The world is going through a referendum, with events like Brexit and Trump's election shaping a narrative about disenfranchised populations. Rising income inequality and disappearing manufacturing jobs have led to a sharp counter reaction by those affected. Politicians are claiming that they can fight globalization and bring back a legacy economy. What we hear from business leaders like Mark Zuckerberg is that despite who controls state power, the relentless march of technology will continue. Trends like globalization, automation, artificial intelligence and democratization will persist--breaking down borders of access and empowering clients. But in this process also lies the danger of major economic displacement. When roboadvisors automate financial advice, chatbots challenge the call center, self-driving trucks replace the truck driver, millions of jobs are at stake. We ignore this effect at our peril. So focus on the long game of investing in technologies that make everyone better off: the consumer, the shareholder, and the emloyee. Read more.