Strategic Engagements


For Institutional Investors

Our team has an expertise in the operations and financing of Fintech and Crypto companies, with a particular strength in financial services. We help investors – whether public equities funds, private equity & venture capital, or Crypto funds – form macro theses on the space, design frameworks for understanding the value developing in emerging technology, and test ideas and assumptions against our expertise.

For Enterprise

Engagement services include C-suite and Board-level thought leadership, strategy discussion and innovation design. Clients see us as an independent voice that can explain the value of internalizing disruption for financial services incumbents. As an external advocate, we can help drive change in thinking across the organization by focusing on values and mission, as well as economics. Contact us to learn more.

Select examples of prior engagements

  • Large cap global exchange: Identified Initial Coin Offerings as new funding mechanism in early 2017, and outlined capital markets, regulatory and infrastructure attributes of emerging phenomenon. Provided introductions to crypto exchanges supporting token activities.
  • Large cap retail broker/dealer: Brought together themes of artificial intelligence, roboadvice, neobanks and payments to describe the future of financial advice delivered to individuals through the RIA model. Highlighted strategic paths of action.
  • Large cap investment custodian: Delivered two conference keynotes, with the first looking at the drive towards digitization across all financial services, and the second exploring the approaches to implementing digital wealth management and the importance of social selling.
  • Investopedia: Designed, delivered and performed a 3-hour video course over 3 days of filming on Cryptocurrency basics, including content on the genesis and mining of Bitcoin, the emergence of enterprise blockchain, and the ongoing development of decentralized applications.