Fintech Futurism weekly newsletter

To know what happens in the future, you need to know what is happening now. This weekly newsletter tracks technology in the financial services industry and discusses implications for the future of finance. We look at roboadvisors, blockchain, artificial intelligence, insurtech, chatbots, Millennial demographics, and their regulation, among other key developments. If you are going to read one Fintech newsletter, make it Autonomous NEXT.

Industry Analysis

We publish provoking industry analysis on a quarterly basis. These ideas capture both a qualitative strategic view on innovation, and a quantitative understanding of impact on the industry. We leverage the financial services depth of our research analysts to anchor the possibilities of a modern economy. If you are looking for actionable analysis within a comprehensive framework for Fintech, reach out below for access* to our premier industry assessments.

Service Model

Our written content is a jumping-off point to helping you make sense of Fintech within your organization, division or investment fund. We work with a select and exclusive group of clients on a bespoke basis. Our services include C-suite and Board-level thought leadership, strategy discussion and innovation design. Clients see us as an independent voice that can explain the value of internalizing Fintech disruption for financial services incumbents. As an external advocate, we can help drive change in thinking across the organization by focusing on values and mission, as well as economics.