Service Model & Pricing

Our service model is built to generate thought leadership on important innovation themes in financial services, and help clients gain an analytical advantage in their market.


The Autonomous NEXT weekly newsletter is publicly available, tracking technology in the financial services industry and discussing implications for the future of finance. We discuss crypto markets & enterprise blockchain, artificial intelligence & chatbots, roboadvisors, neobanks & digital lenders, insurtech, and augmented reality, among other themes. The reality is that these things are all interconnected, and trying to understand one without the others misses the forest for the trees. 

For subscription clients, we publish provoking industry analysis on a quarterly basis. These ideas capture both a qualitative strategic view on innovation, and a quantitative understanding of impact on the industry. From venture capital market maps, to market sizing of various industries, to comprehensive frameworks for implementing strategy, our deep dives are unparalleled in helping you understand the future. As part of this work, we generate and maintain proprietary data sets, like the list of crypto funds, which can be purchased on a one-time or ongoing basis.
Our written content is the jumping-off point for an engagement that helps clients make sense of Fintech within their organizations, divisions or investment funds. We work with a select and exclusive group of clients on a bespoke basis, where we can deliver outstanding value.


  • Weekly Newsletter

  • Crypto Fund List

    • $1,000 for one-time purchase

    • $10,000 per year for Database Subscription*

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  • Keystone Analysis and Industry Content

    • $1,000 for one-time purchase

    • $10,000 per year for Library Subscription*

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  • Conference / Executive Day Engagement*    

    • $20,000

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  • Tech Scorecard Assessment and Discussion*    

  • Full Engagement*

    • $60,000 minimum

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* As an FCA regulated firm, Autonomous only works with institutional investors and other professional clients. We must carry out standard due diligence checks on clients before commencing a business relationship.
** Prices exclude VAT/Sales Tax wherever applicable.