Executive Presentations and Keynotes

Our thought leadership is frequently featured at industry conferences and venues, including Money2020, Lendit, Finnovate, Investopedia, Techonomy, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Columbia Business School, London Business School, London School of Economics and others. We have participated in podcasts for the Wall Street Journal, Rebank, Seedcamp, and Tearsheet.  You can see several examples below.

Representative topics include:

  • Understanding the Crypto Fund Ecosystem
    Last year saw $6 billion in Initial Coin Offering investments, and 170 new crypto funds  were founded to invest in the ecosystem. In this session, Lex Sokolin will explore the industry developments in crypto investment management, the types of strategies used by these funds, the assets they have under management and the associated growth in infrastructure to support the industry. He will also touch on how crypto finance is intersecting with traditional financial services, and what's coming next.
  • Grandmaster The Fintech Chessboard
    Will Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon enter financial services? Are Fintech start-ups a distraction or a powerful innovation? What are the strategic roles and competitive options of financial incumbents, high-tech companies and start-ups on today’s chess board? At the conclusion of the session, you will be able to answer these questions from fundamental premises, and not just market trends. Lex explores a proprietary framework for fintech innovation that includes roboadvisors, artificial intelligence, chatbots, blockchain, and Initial Coin Offerings. By analyzing these themes together, Lex lays out both a futurist and practical discussion on how the financial services industry will work in 2025 a blueprint for entrepreneurs, strategists and investors alike..
  • How to Harness Digital Wealth Management to Connect with Next-Gen Clients while Driving Efficiency and Growth
    The largest investment firms worldwide are now deploying digital wealth management strategies with their retail and high-net-worth clients. Gain a unique perspective on how this innovation has changed the nature of your business and what you can do to adopt digital wealth technology and stand out from the competition. This session will cover how to (1) Leverage the technology in light of the fiduciary standard and new client expectations, (2) integrate it as a channel strategy and manage brand issues, (3) Use innovation as a transformation strategy and differentiator to drive growth, efficiency, and client connection


Money2020: Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon vs Financial Incumbents

LendIt Europe: Fintech Framework and Bankosaurus Innovation

Podcasts and Interviews