Service Model


Our written content is a jumping-off point to helping you make sense of Fintech within your organization, division or investment fund. We work with a select and exclusive group of clients on a bespoke basis. Our services include C-suite and Board-level thought leadership, strategy discussion and innovation design. Clients see us as an independent voice that can explain the value of internalizing Fintech disruption for financial services incumbents. As an external advocate, we can help drive change in thinking across the organization by focusing on values and mission, as well as economics.

Keystone Industry Analysis

We publish provoking industry analysis on a quarterly basis. These ideas capture both a qualitative strategic view on innovation, and a quantitative understanding of impact on the industry. We leverage the financial services depth of our research analysts to anchor the possibilities of a modern economy. If you are looking for actionable analysis within a comprehensive framework for Fintech, reach out below for access* to our premier industry assessments.

Supporting Data Sets

Our conclusions are data driven and we perform cross-industry analysis to create grounded and defensible estimates. The below is a non-exhaustive list of data sets we collate accessible to clients:

Executive Presentations and Keynotes

Our thought leadership has been featured at industry conferences like Money2020, Lendit, Investopedia, Techonomy, Columbia Business School, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, ICO Event, and others.

We have participated in podcasts for the Wall Street Journal, Rebank, Seedcamp, and Tearsheet. 

A selection of videos and podcasts is highlighted here.

Money2020 (2017): Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon vs Financial Incumbents

LendIt (2017): Fintech Framework and Bankosaurus Innovation

Business Insider: Bitcoin and the Digitization of Everything

Podcasts and Interviews