Analysis of Global Crypto Regulation Map


Autonomous NEXT and Latham & Watkins LLP analyzed the regulations covering most of the crypto hubs of the globe. The criteria for mapping each country’s respective regulation standpoints are: (1) Negative, (2) Neutral, (3) Mixed, and (4) Positive. Our findings show that the most active countries in the crypto space such as Japan, South Korea, U.S., and Russia have both positive and negative indicators of support within the space; whilst some countries such as Brazil, China, India, and Nigeria have implemented outright bans on cryptocurrencies, mining, or ICOs.

Directions of global regulatory approaches to Crypto


Autonomous NEXT has analyzed how, from a strategy perspective, global regulatory approaches follow three directions according to their role in the global economy. Our findings show that the adoption of regulatory approaches towards crypto is different across different countries.

Crypto Delaware represents economies that are less concerned with consumer protection and are more attractive regulatory environments for innovation and start-up activities. Sovereign technology sword economies use sovereign power and investment to control and direct technology and economic competition. Consumer protection shield economies favour innovation to be bound by the existing regulations and laws in order to maintain the status quo of economic activity.