Map of Crypto Projects By Token Type And Industry


Autonomous NEXT has analyzed crypto projects by token type and industry. The three token types consist of: (1) core infrastructure projects that seek to build new or supplement to the existing crypto ecosystem platforms to promote efficiency and effectiveness, (2) financial services projects are crypto projects aligned to the financial industry, and (3) Vertical apps are crypto projects that support a specific business process and targets a niche user base.

** A note on methodology. We primarily look at ICOs that have raised or are raising over $1mm USD, which filters for more reputable projects but may miss the longer tail of seed-stage token investing. To collect the data, we leverage and cross-check multiple primary and secondary data sources, and then categorize projects based on use-case into industries. The starting and ending dates of ICOs are also a moving target, therefore we use the earliest of the dates where possible. Our goal with this data is highlight the direction of travel, which appears to be from the protocol level to the application level