New Vehicle Sales Forecast From 2005 To 2025

Autonomous Research estimates that nearly two-thirds of new car sales will take place in emerging markets (EM) by 2025. Our forecast shows new vehicle sales in (1) Developed markets, (2) EM (China/India), and (3) EM (Other).  The rise of the car-sharing economy (among other factors) in developed markets has resulted in shrinking vehicle sales from 44 million in 2005 to a projected 39 million in 2025. Meanwhile, lower purchase prices and falling operating costs are pushing vehicle sales in emerging markets, from a combined 22 million in 2005 to a projected 68 million in 2025. This growth will be particularly visible in China and India where the rise in sales is estimated from 7 million in 2005 to 41 million in 2025.