Changes in Road Accidents in Developed Markets

Autonomous Research has analysed the trend in driving fatalities and injury crashes in developed markets over a 25 year period. Our research suggests that fatalities decreased -19% in 1990-2000 and a further -38% in 2000-2012. This can be attributed to increased government action and technological advances in the developed world aimed at preventing deaths in car accidents. On the other hand, injury crashes increased by 5% in 1990-2000 and sharply decreased in 2000-2012 at a rate of -24%. The fall in crashes is associated with a shift in technological advances, starting in 2000, targeted at limiting the number of crashes as opposed to fatalities. This was accompanied by a modest increase of 8% in miles driven during this period due to a fall in average mileage per car. As a result, roads continue to become safer (on average) in the developed world.