Fintech Scorecards and Innovation Index

One key question we are often asked by financial operators and investors is how well a particular company is performing on a particular innovation theme. For example, how far along is a bank towards becoming a neobank, and what impact will that have longer term on the company? Where does an institution rank relative to its peers on blockchain deployment, and do they have any particular intellectual property in the space? Or, as a startup, how does mindshare compare for specific themes (e.g., roboadvice) relative to the competition?


To answer this question, we have put together a methodology to rank firms on their progress and exposure to Fintech and Crypto themes. The aggregate ranking score is based on 18 different attributes across various parts of a firm’s priorities, operational capabilities, channels and products

  • Available company financials
  • Bespoke qualitative survey answers regarding internal initiatives (e.g., status of API deployment
  • Client ratings and engagement with bank technology (e.g., mobile app ratings)
  • Big Data analysis of web conversation on innovation themes (e.g., mentions of Blockchain and JPMorgan)

We also developed an Innovation Index score for each company based on exposure to Fintech digitization themes. The ratings are an art and a science, and the data is imperfect; yet we believe that these scorecards are a jumping off point for the industry to improve collectively, track and measure innovation, and start a conversation


As a bespoke engagement, we offer companies or investors an assessment of a particular company’s capabilities and developments relative to their global peers. Similar projects can be undertaken for other vertical industries, such as investment management, insurance, and the crypto economy.