Everyone else is playing checkers while you are playing chess. Why? Because you learned not just the symptoms, but the underlying causes of what is happening in the Fintech industry.

Segmentation of Fintech Industry, Autonomous NEXT

Will Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon enter financial services? Are Fintech start-ups a distraction or a powerful innovation? What are the strategic roles and competitive options of financial incumbents, high-tech companies and start-ups on today’s chess board? Based on these materials, you will be able to answer these questions from fundamental premises, and not just market trends.

We explore a proprietary framework for fintech innovation that includes roboadvisors, artificial intelligence, chatbots, blockchain, and Initial Coin Offerings. By analyzing these themes together, we lay out both a futurist and practical discussion on how the financial services industry will work in 2025 -- a blueprint for entrepreneurs, strategists and investors alike. 

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